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Why Your Business Needs Professional Photos

It doesn’t matter if your business is new or well established, professional photography is often seen as a “luxury” or expendable. Running a business is expensive, and many business owners don’t understand the value of investing in a professional photographer when there are free stock photos available that will do just fine. However, your business deserves more than “just fine”.

Your business deserves content that is unique and tells your story. You put in endless amounts of time and energy to make your business successful, and professional photography should be part of your success strategy!

How Your Business Will Benefit from A Professional Photographer

Consistency is Key

When you work with a professional photographer, you’ll have content that aligns with your branding. The photos will all have a similar look and feel to them, creating brand consistency across all of your social media and marketing materials. Your audience will come to recognize your content before they even see your name. 

Your Content is Your Brand

Many business owner’s wonder why they can’t take their own photos, while some even try to do so. If you choose to do this, just remember that the quality of your content represents your brand. Low-quality photos on your website and social media give off the impression that you don’t value your business enough to make it look nice. We know this isn’t true, but appearance is everything!

Low quality photos can also give potential customers a bad first impression, making them seek out your service or product elsewhere. In the end, the decision to save money by taking your own photos may actually be losing you money. 

Your Customers Want to Know You

Stock photos have their uses, like filling in gaps in a content calendar or as header images in an email or on a landing page. However, stock photos don’t allow your customers to get to know you and your brand, simply because they’re not actually photos of your business. In the world of social media, it’s all about forming relationships with your customers, and a good relationship is one that is built on trust.

If you only use stock photos, you’re portraying a false impression of your business. If a customer orders your product and doesn’t receive what they saw in your photos, they will likely lose trust in your business and not want to order from you again. Again, the decision not to invest in professional photos could ultimately lose you money. 

Professional Photos have Many Uses

Professional photos are content, and content typically has multiple uses. Just as a blog post can be repurposed into Instagram captions, shared on Pinterest, and sent to your email list, professional photos have many uses.

They can be used to build your brand on social media, featured in blog posts and articles, be used as hero images on your website, and be made into cover images on Twitter and Facebook. You can also use them in the designs for your digital ads on Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook.

Offline, photos can be used in brochures and promotional materials of all kinds. By investing in professional photography, you provide yourself with a library of branded content ready to use whenever you need it. No more sifting through stock photography websites looking for the perfect image! So, don’t just think you’re paying for a handful of images you can only use once; your professional photos have infinite uses that will benefit your business. 

Investing in Professional Photography

No matter what your product or service is, professional photography is a must for your business! You’ll create a recognizable brand, instill trust in your customers, and increase sales. 

If you’re tired of sifting through stock photos or don’t have the time to take your own photos, let’s chat! Our professional photography packages will provide you with a library of gorgeous, on-brand images you can use for all of your marketing needs!