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Small Business Ideas during COVID-19


That’s where your power is! We are thinking of every person, business, family member and friend during this COVID-19 crisis. We know this is affecting each of you uniquely and we are with you!

We know how this has affected small businesses and today we are focusing on the positive and giving you some ideas for success during this unsettling time! Here we go!

Create a plan for Social Media

Creating a social media plan should be on everyone’s to do list (not just during these circumstances!)  People are on social media now more than they have ever been, so it’s important to use this time to use social media and connect with your followers! Grab a calendar for the next two months and plan out your photos, captions, hashtags and strategize a plan for success!

SUPERFECTA TIP: If you are posting now during COVID-19, you have to remember there are a lot of different feelings and opinions out there, so stay neutral and make sure to let your clients know how much you are thinking of them.  Think of ways you can help them out and keep them informed about your business plans during this time. For one of our restaurant clients, we recently created postcards to put on each delivery bag with a handwritten card, coupon and Sudoku puzzles to help pass consumer’s minds! Spreading positivity is number one right now, so spread the love and try to put a smile on someone’s face!

Write Out your blog content!

Use this time to get creative! Writing out your blog content can provide you with lots of content that you’ll use in the busy months ahead when things go back to normal!  Pick a day this week and sit down for as long as you can. Come up with 3-4 posts and get ready to stay relevant in your industry!  Need something for one of your employees to work on? This is a perfect task and “guest bloggers” are a great way to switch things up on your page and get another perspective/audience!

Take An Online Class

Now is the time to learn a new skill or take that online class that you have always wanted to take, but never had the time to actually DO! Use this time to learn new skills to make your biz even better! You will thank yourself later!

Launch or Edit Your Website

At Superfecta, we have been using this time to re-launch our website, and we think it is a great time to prioritize these important tasks that sometimes you get too busy to maintain!  Build a new website, or use updated photos to give your website a modern makeover!  Adding that online store or subscription services to your site can help stream revenue while times are tough and help you get through these next few months!

Update Your Portfolio

What makes your business stand out?! A badass portfolio! Showing all you have to offer and giving your consumers a visual of your most recent work is crucial for any business to display! Add some of your most recent accomplishments, blog posts, or any highlights that you are proud of that will show all you have to offer!

Start Building Your Email Marketing Empire!

Don’t let your potential clients or customers forget about you! Staying top of mind is key so that you can continue to connect with your customers!  Your email inbox is most likely filled with emails from businesses, but it’s important to update your customers that you’re still working, or the services/offerings you have available. Let your customers know that you care about them, and that you’re doing everything in your power to continue to provide your services to them! Make it light and informative, but get creative to put a smile on their face will keep a lasting impression they won’t forget.

Collaborate with other local business owners and support one another!

Now is the most important time to support each other.  Jump on a zoom call with local owners in different industries and come up with ways to support each business!  Whether it’s shouting each other out on social media or even coming up with combined discount services, now is the time to stick together!

Design your home office or clean your workspace!

Since you are working from home, find a space that works in your home (spare bedroom, nook, or basement) and spend a day re-organizing your workspace or designing a work area that will keep you focused. Clean up clutter, rearrange your furniture or even purchase a few new things from other local small shops to spruce up your workspace!

We are sending positive vibes to all of the businesses out there, and wish you nothing but the best during this time. Want to hop on a free 30 minute phone call to see how we can help you through this difficult time? Send us a message and let’s chat!


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