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Downtown Albany’s new farm to table pub is the talk of the town!  Located on Pearl Street and a stone’s throw from the Palace Theatre, The Bishop has delicious burgers, steaks, and some bourbon’s you can’t find anywhere else. The ownership is a collective of some of the area’s most experienced bartenders & managers who’ve come together to give you: The Bishop. Paired with the culinary stylings of Chef Tommy Fitzsimmons, and an offering of bourbons & ryes that rival anywhere in the region, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that compares!

We handle The Bishop’s marketing, social media & consulting work.  What we love about The Bishop is that they are such easy going owners, and are always down to try something new!

Pro Tip:
It’s important to show behind off behind the scenes, so your audience can get excited! This is a great idea especially for a new restaurant opening.  Show off your construction progress, new glassware or trying new food items!

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram & IG Stories are a great way to create a two-way dialogue with your customers. The question and poll functions on instagram stories are particularly engaging and fun for potential customers to use! Asking questions can inspire followers to engage with your posts and to interact with you, rather than simply continuing to scroll to the next story, or down the page. Have fun with it and add some GIF’s & different fonts!

What makes a good social media profile?

Social media is a crucial part of running a modern business! Whether or not your restaurant is currently active on social media, you can be sure that your guests are tweeting, posting, and Instagramming about your business online! You would be surprised how many people will visit your social media pages nowadays before they even visit your website!

For many restaurant owners, managing social media profiles is just another item on their ever-increasing list of to-dos, and that’s why they hire us!  We take your branding, menu items, and ideas to create a custom social media campaign that will keep your customers excited and coming back for more! Through shouting out vendors to creating giveaways… it’s important to look at the ENTIRE picture!  Check out The Bishop’s menu items and make sure you book your next dinner reservation with them!

Our favorite Cocktails: Lion’s Den & Death Crush

Our favorite Dishes: The Smash Burger & The Steak Au Poivre